Who We Are


ART FERRANTI has over 30 years of business operations, workplace learning and management consulting experience. Although his expertise spans across a broad spectrum of business functions, Art employs his capacities on behalf of clients’ principally in three key areas: Training and Development, Business Communications, and Project Management. 

Art designs, develops, and/or facilitates tailored and fully customized training (as well as off-the-shelf) programs for experienced or new company leaders of all levels, from vice-presidents and directors to managers, supervisors, and key employee associates. 

Art coordinates and manages projects for clients in direct relationship with the operations, training, and development initiatives and/or business communications goals for which he may be engaged. He has extensive experience working with local, national, and international clients from a wide range of industries or business sectors including retail, legal, insurance, computer technologies, petro-chemical, and financial services organizations. 

A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Art’s philanthropic work includes chairing the Learning & Development Team of the Northern California Division of the American Cancer Society, as a division-level and local board leader for the ACS, as a long-time contributing board member of the successful San Francisco-based musical theatre company 42nd Street Moon, and as president of his local Kiwanis club. He is also an avid and experienced white-water rafting enthusiast and lifetime aspiring racquetball and handball player.